Randy, Mike, Robert, Nate, and Darwin relaxing at Birsdview Brewery for the May get-together.


April 27

PNW Springmeet
6pm Bellevue College (Bellevue)

May 3

Monthly Get-Together
6pm Birdsview Brewery (Concrete)

May 26

Cruizin' to Colby

Vintage Volkswagens are not for everyone. It takes a special brand of masochist to forego modern conveniences like heaters, cup holders, FM radio and airbags - not to mention seatbelts - and head out in a vehicle with a top speed of 70mph (assumes a tailwind).

But there is a reason that Volkswagen produced the most popular cars of all time - they are *friendly* cars. Unlike today's modern family cars, classic VW's have *personality*. They are members of the family. They are cars you'd like to have a beer with. The elegant simplicity of VW engineering allows (requires) every owner to be a mechanic, which creates a special bond between driver and machine.

So if you "get it" - if you smile every time you turn the key in your vintage VW - then welcome to the tribe!

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